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Glory of Bhagavatam


Listen to the Mahatmya (importance) of Srimad Bhagvatam:

What is the  Srimad Bhagvat Puran?

Srimad Bhagvat Puran is the concluding puran written by Bhagvan Krishna-Dvaipaayan Vyas in his full maturity, after getting inspired from his spiritual master, Narada Muni. Interestingly, both Bhagvan Krishna-Dvaipaayan Vyas and Narad Muni are incarnations of Lord Vishnu, but they are playing transcendental roles for the benefit of human race.

Vyas is a title (vyasyatey iti vyasah — the one who expands is called Vyas), and Krishna-Dvaipaayan Vyas was the 28th Vyas (Parashar Muni was the 26th Vyas). His real name is Krishna Dvaipaayan (dweepay ayanam ashrayah yasya sah dvaipaayan — he was born  in an island).  All the major Hindu scriptures in this 28th chatur-yug of current Vaivasvat manvantar have been written by Bhagvan Krishna-Dvaipaayan Vyas.

As a side note, this is the list of Vyasas in the currentVaivasvat manvantar: In the first Dvâpara, Brahmâ Himself divided the Vedas; in the second Dvâpara, the first Prajapati Vyâsa did the same; so S’akra, in the third, Brihaspati, in the fourth, Surya in the fifth; Yama, in the sixth, Indra, in the seventh, Vasistha, in the eighth; Sarasvata Risi in the ninth, Tridhama, in the tenth; Trivrisa, in the eleventh, Bharadvâja, in the twelfth; Antariksa, in the thirteenth; Dharma, in the fourteenth; Evaruni in the fifteenth; Dhananjaya, in the sixteenth; Medhatithi in tba seventeenth; Vrati, in the eighteenth; Atri, in the nineteenth; Gautama in the twentieth, Uttama, whose soul was fixed on Hari, in the twenty-first, Vâjasravâ Vena, in the twenty second; his family descendant Somaiu the twenty-third; Trinavindu, in the twenty-fourth; Bhârgava, in the twenty-fifth; Sakti, in the twenty-sixth, Jâtûkarnya in the twenty-seventh and Krisna Dvaipâyana became the twenty-eighth Veda Vyâs in the Dvâpara Yugas. In the next 29th Dvâpara Yuga, Asvatthama, the son of Drona will be the Veda Vyâsa.

In Vishnu Sahasranaam, it is said:

Yog & samkhya knowledge, sculpture (mundane arts), action, Vedas, scriptures, realization – all these have come from Lord Janardan.

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What do other Puranas say about Srimad Bhagvatam?

The Skanda Purana states:

In Kali-yuga, of what value are collections of hundreds of thousands of other scriptures, if one does not keep the Srimad Bhagavatam in his house? wherever is the Srimad Bhagavatam in Kali-yuga, the Lord goes there along with the demigods. O muni, a person who faithfully recites a verse of Srimad Bhagavatam every day attains the fruit of reading the eighteen Puranas“.

(Skanda Purana,,44,33)


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  11. !! जय जय श्री राधेश्याम !!

    !! हरे कृष्ण हरे कृष्ण कृष्ण कृष्ण हरे हरे !!
    !! हरे राम हरे राम राम राम हरे हरे !!
    !! जय जय श्यामा, जय जय श्याम !!
    !! जय जय श्री वृन्दावन धाम !!
    !! मेरी श्यामा, मेरे श्याम !!
    !! प्राण हमारे श्यामा श्याम !!
    !! स्वामिनी श्यामा, स्वामी श्याम !!
    !! विरहत नित वृन्दावन धाम !!
    !! क्या बोले कान्हा की धडकन, किसको ढूंढें कान्हा निधिवन !!
    !! कौन चुराए कान्हा का चितवन, कौन समाया कान्हा के मन !!
    !! किसको पुकारे मुरली की धुन, दौड़े कान्हा किसकी आहट सुन !!
    !! वृन्दावन में गूंजे किसकी रुनझुन, ब्रज की भूमि गाये किसके गुण !!
    !! इन सबका है एक ही जवाब !!
    !! राधे राधे !! राधे राधे !! ..
    !! राधे राधे !! राधे राधे !! ..
    !! राधे मेरी स्वामिनी मैं राधे जू को दास !!
    !! जनम जनम मोहे दीजिये श्री वृन्दावन को वास !!
    !! राधेकृष्ण राधेकृष्ण कृष्ण कृष्ण राधे राधे !!
    !! राधेश्याम राधेश्याम श्याम श्याम राधे राधे !!

    !! मेरे गोपाल जब से तुमने हमें अपनाया है, सारे जग ने हमें पलकों पर बिठाया है !!
    !! एक बार अयोध्या जाओ, दो बार द्वारिका, तीन बार जाके त्रिवेणी में नहाओगे !!
    !! चार बार चित्रकूट, नौ बार नासिक, बार-बार जाके बद्रिनाथ घूम आओगे !!
    !! कोटि बार काशी, केदारनाथ रामेश्वर, गया-जगन्नाथ, चाहे जहाँ जाओगे !!
    !! होंगे प्रत्यक्ष जहाँ दर्शन श्याम-श्यामा के, वृन्दावन सा कहीं आनन्द नहीं पाओगे !!

    !! वृन्दावन सो वन नही, नन्दगावं सो नही गावं !!
    !! वंशीवट सो वट नही, कृष्ण नाम सो नाम !!

    !! जय जय श्री राधेश्याम !!

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